Whenever you send any donation please inform us on the same day through email about the medium you selected for sending funds, date, amount and the purpose of donation (i.e Zakat, Sadqa, Ijtamayi Qurbani etc.) with your complete postal address enable us to send donation receipt along with magazine

AL-Hamdollilah! Al-Aziz Welfare Foundation is fully responsible for spending your donations in the right way. Following are different channels through which you can send donations to Al-Aziz Welfare Trust. You can also contact us for further information.

Deposit funds in any UBL bank branch within Pakistan

This is the safest & secure method of sending funds to us. You can deposit cash in our bank accounts through any branch of following banks that is nearest to you within your own city. You don’t need to visit the branches where our account is maintained. It’s the responsibility of bank to transfer money to our bank account from the branch where you deposited funds

All Below Account are Same Account Title “Al-Aziz Welfare Foundation

Bank Wire / Telegraphic Transfer from Worldwide

You Can Send Foreign Remittance Through Wire Transfer Directly To Our Following Bank Accounts


United Bank Limited



PK92 UNIL0109000219570952
Bank Name
United Bank Limited
Branch Address
Missa Kaswal, Teh. Gujar khan, District Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Branch Code
Account Title


Al-Aziz Welfare Foundation


Account No


For any other Currency (Pak Rupee A/c.)






This is very secure and easy way for donors as they can pay easily their donations.