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Monthly Allowance Scheme

Those poor people who have lost the head of their family or he is unable to earn due to some illness, Al-Aziz Foundation has launched their monthly allowance
scheme for such families. This scheme would pay for their monthly expenditure according to their requirement which ranges from Rs.1,000 to Rs.8,000. It is very sad to know that in our society, majority of the population is deprived of education, they go without food for days, and they live in poor conditions with no facilities. Also, they are faced with many other problems, who is going to take care of them ?

By the grace of Allah, Al-Aziz Foundation has intended to help 12,000 Here this should be noted that Al-Aziz Foundation aims to help the distressed people of our society after completing the process of inquiry. The blessed ones (elite class) of our society should take the references of the ones in need and could give their donations themselves, which means that we act as a middle agent. We are thankful to the Almighty Allah that today through Al-Aziz Foundation; many people of the upper class have started donating millions and have taken care of many poor families.

Educational Help

The success of any nation lies with the awareness of the different events taking place on international basis, and to be fully in touch with the modern research. To make this possible, education is an essential element. It is very important to create awareness for the present and future generations to acquire education. If we take a look at the developed countries, we realize that education is their sole priority. In the light of this, Al-Aziz Foundation has established more than 100 educational institutes and primary schools to educate thousands of students free of charge. Not only this, from time to time they are also provided with basic necessities of life.

A part from this, the poor residents of Missa Keswal Tehsil Gujar Khan and Hyderabad who are unable to pay for their children’s education seek assistance from the organization. The organization then helps them financially, causing a great benefit to the society by educating the youth, who are the future of our country. In the year 2009, Al-Aziz Foundation has taken major steps towards the improvement of this sector.

Repairing Houses

Those poor people who live in small unbuilt houses and face problems due to rain water dripping in their rooms contact us for help. The organization takes the responsibility of re-building their houses.

Arranging Marriages

Families living under the poverty line do not have the means to give their daughters in marriage. We are in search of such distressed families and after performing a complete survey, our organization arranges their marriages by giving them furniture, dowry and cash. Every month some 200 such girls are married by the help of our organization. In our society thousands of such families exist and the elite class members are required to help so that our poor brothers and sisters can also lead a happy life.

Al-Aziz Emergency Aid

Many poor people who have their family members admitted in different hospitals like Jinnah Medical, CivilHospital e.t.c. contact us for aid. These distressed ones are not even able to buy medicines for themselves, and then having an operation is out of question. They contact us in such situations and ask for financial help so that they can afford the treatment to cure their diseases. Al-Hamdollilah, the members of our trust have set offices in local hospitals and are ready to help in any way they can.

Providing Food Twice a day

In these days getting two times food is a big issue for poor & low income peoples. Come with us and do something for these needy families. If a person from any poor & low income family eats food from our center and saves his money to spend it on his children’s education, house rent, electricity & gas bills then believe us we have succeeded in saving this society.
Alhamdollillah! at following places of Missa Keswal Tehsil Gujar Khan we arrange food where these low income people eat goat’s qorma & bread with respect.You can visit these places & observe this great activity

About 30 million Rupees spent every Month.

Building & Repairing Mosques

Al-Aziz Foundation has also taken steps towards building new mosques and repairing the ones which are old and damaged. The organization has taken part in building and maintaining many mosques across the city of Missa Keswal Tehsil Gujar Khan. Also, it has planned to help in the construction of around a 100 mosques in the city. The Almighty Allah says in the Holy Quran “Indeed the believers build mosques”.

We have also been promised great rewards in the Hereafter by the Almighty Allah for actively taking part in such services towards the Muslim Community.

Installed Electric Coolers

Under the supervision of Al-Aziz Foundation, clean and cold drinking water is provided to the poor citizens of our city who are deprived of it. The organization has installed/placed electric coolers in different areas of Missa Keswal Tehsil Gujar Khan especially in Government hospitals, City Court and prisons. The cleanliness and maintenance of the coolers is solely the responsibility of the organization. The cold drinking water is considered a blessing in the scorching heat of the sun, especially for those who are deprived of it. Apart from this, it is also a great and rewarding deed and with your co-operation, the organization will be able to continue helping the less privileged people of our society. May Allah shower his countless blessings upon us.

Ramadan & Eid Packages

Al-Hamdollilah! During the month of Ramadan, our special eid packages were distributed among 50,000 poor families. The workers of our team inquired and surveyed in search of the most deserving families. Eid package for a single family consisted of clothes for both children and adults, cash amount of Rs.1,200. This way, the cost of the full package came around Rs.3,500.