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Supplying Drinking Water

Along with all the services that Al-Aziz Foundation provides to the poor on a daily basis, the organization has now developed a department that takes care of providing free drinking water in areas where people are not able to afford clean water for drinking. According to this scheme, the organization has established an underground R.C.C. tank in the areas of Kaimari Town on Bhitta Walej Qasim Shah Rd. And by the grace of Allah, this tank provides water free of charge to thousands of people on a daily basis.
For the proper functioning of this scheme, by providing those who are the most in need, the organization issues cards to such people. On identifying with the help of the card, people can easily get the water. With the co-operation of the U-C Nazim of the different areas, 3,000 gallons of water are distributed free of charge.
Due to the rise in the demand for water, the organization is trying to increase the amount of gallons so that each and every deserving person gets his/her share.

Distribution of Meat

Every day, at least 100 goats are slaughtered which are received in the form of sadaqa and aqiqa. The prices of these goats range from Rs.2,600 to 4,200. The people, who donate these, get them slaughtered in front of their eyes and distribute the meat among the poor with their own hands. With the help of the inquiry teams, the organization is able to find people suffering from severe diseases such as T.B, Cancer and the meat is distributed among them. This meat is also used to cook food for the poor patients at the Jinnah Medical and NICH hospital. Also, it is sent to the hostels for poor students.

Well Digging

Al-Aziz Foundation is working on a very important project, which is, to provide pure drinking water to the small localities (towns) & to the Madrasas where thousands of students are attaining Quranic & other basic education.
These wells are fulfilling such a tremendous need of drinking water in several parts of Missa Keswal Tehsil Gujar Khan city & thousands of unprivilidged people have been benefitting from these wells. Al-Aziz Foundation has been providing free of cost, all drinking water supply facilities such as ground digging sanitary work.
Although this is indeed a rewarding service to fulfill the drinking water needs of poor people but Al-Aziz Foundation couldn’t render its mega project alone. Our valued donors cooperate with us with their precious Charities,Zakat & other Helping Funds Worldwide Specially form U.K , U.S.A , U.A.E , E.U & other countries of the world. We finally pray to Almighty ALLAH “May ALLAH accept their donation in His way & keep them safe & happy today and always!”

Social Wellbeing Department

Al-Aziz Foundation launched its new Social wellbeing department. This department will make parks in the several poor areas especially for the fun of poor teenage prisoners & deserving innocent children. Recently this department inaugurated a children amusement park in the City Court Missa Keswal Tehsil Gujar Khan for innocent children to meet with their parents in peaceful environment. In this amusement park different type of Swings & other game toys were installed for children interest & fun.
Due to parents disputes submitted in the family courts it was very difficult to meet the parents with their kids (children). Since before this park; innocent children were treated to meet with their parents in the corridor of the court where they have to meet with number of prisoners came for hearing. Being prisoner’s presence in the court, children were feeling fear & hesitate to meet with their parents. Al-Aziz Foundation informed to the city court administration about children problems & asked for permission to make amusement park like this for children. The administration of court not only immediately granted permission to the Al-Aziz Foundation to make Children Park even they took serious interest on preparation of this children park.         
Now by the grace of Almighty Allah; innocent children meeting with their parents in peaceful & calmful atmosphere in this amusement park built by Al-Aziz Foundation
In last Social well being department of Al-Aziz Foundation expressed their intent to make more parks in near future for poor & deserving humanity.

Collective Qurbani

Collective Qurbani On the occasion of Eid-Ul-Adha’a, Al-Aziz Foundation distributes the qurbani meat among congested and the poorest families. The object of collective qurbani is to send meat in long distance areas particularly among them who can’t get the meat round the year. In the year 2011, first time in the history of Pakistan the biggest collective qurbani arranged all over Pakistan. In this qurbani occasion 1112 cows & 2927 goats slaughtered during 3 days of qurbani whose meat distributed in poor, deserving & needy families

Muqaddas Auraq (Holy Paper)

The holy papers (Islamic scriptures) have to collect from different spots of the city it is most important management of Al-Aziz Foundation. Ancient pages of Holy Qura’an , holy books & other holy matters carefully and safely hand to sink in the deep sea.

Rohani Ijtemat

By the grace of Allah for the well being of the society some roohani & duaya gatherings are being held under the patronage of Al-Aziz Foundation. For the get rid of their problems many many people are attending in the city of Missa Keswal Tehsil Gujar Khan and via internet other part of the country and world. These Gatherings are called Khatm-E-Qadria, Mehfil Qaseeda Burdha Sharif and some other mehfils on the Islamic occasions. At the end of these gatherings, a Great spiritual Islamic scholar, Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Bashir Farooq Qadri has special pray to Allah for the all Humanity in the World.

Free Medical Equipment

The patients who are in need of such a Medical equipments like wheel chairs, stretcher, patient bed, walking stick, toilet chair, oxygen cylinder and other medical equipments are being arranged by Al-Aziz Foundation. This service is remain continue 24 hrs & round the year.

Milk & Bread Service

Peoples are suffering daily price increasing problems in life and daily use of food items are away from the reach of them. In this crucial time, it’s a very difficult to have even a breakfast for a small family. In this insufficient atmosphere Al-Aziz Foundation International Trust has taken a step in this regard and by the grace of Allah we have started the sale of the discounted prices on bread(Rs.23) and milk (Rs. 45/Liter) which are available on all our branches as on 5th July 2010. By this scheme nearly 2000 persons can avail the benefits. All Pakistani media and newspaper are the great witness of this.

Sadqa Bakra Service

Charity closes seven doors of evils. People do this charity for their beloved who are suffering in various difficulties, diseases. The greatest kind of charity is charity of life such as slaughter of an animal. Such arrangements have been done by Al-Aziz Foundation International Trust to send the charity Goat Meat to their homes, office and factories. In this way they can do the charity for their relatives conveniently and they can do this charity Slaughter of animal in front of them at their premises.