Educational Help

The success of any nation lies with the awareness of the different events taking place on international basis, and to be fully in touch with the modern research. To make this possible, education is an essential element. It is very important to create awareness for the present and future generations to acquire education. If we take a look at the developed countries, we realize that education is their sole priority. In the light of this, Al-Aziz Foundation has established more than 100 educational institutes and primary schools to educate thousands of students free of charge. Not only this, from time to time they are also provided with basic necessities of life.

A part from this, the poor residents of Missa Keswal Tehsil Gujar Khan and Hyderabad who are unable to pay for their children’s education seek assistance from the organization. The organization then helps them financially, causing a great benefit to the society by educating the youth, who are the future of our country. In the year 2009, Al-Aziz Foundation has taken major steps towards the improvement of this sector.