Monthly Allowance Scheme

Those poor people who have lost the head of their family or he is unable to earn due to some illness, Al-Aziz Foundation has launched their monthly allowance
scheme for such families. This scheme would pay for their monthly expenditure according to their requirement which ranges from Rs.1,000 to Rs.8,000. It is very sad to know that in our society, majority of the population is deprived of education, they go without food for days, and they live in poor conditions with no facilities. Also, they are faced with many other problems, who is going to take care of them ?

By the grace of Allah, Al-Aziz Foundation has intended to help 12,000 Here this should be noted that Al-Aziz Foundation aims to help the distressed people of our society after completing the process of inquiry. The blessed ones (elite class) of our society should take the references of the ones in need and could give their donations themselves, which means that we act as a middle agent. We are thankful to the Almighty Allah that today through Al-Aziz Foundation; many people of the upper class have started donating millions and have taken care of many poor families.