Supplying Drinking Water

Along with all the services that Al-Aziz Foundation provides to the poor on a daily basis, the organization has now developed a department that takes care of providing free drinking water in areas where people are not able to afford clean water for drinking. According to this scheme, the organization has established an underground R.C.C. tank in the areas of Kaimari Town on Bhitta Walej Qasim Shah Rd. And by the grace of Allah, this tank provides water free of charge to thousands of people on a daily basis.
For the proper functioning of this scheme, by providing those who are the most in need, the organization issues cards to such people. On identifying with the help of the card, people can easily get the water. With the co-operation of the U-C Nazim of the different areas, 3,000 gallons of water are distributed free of charge.
Due to the rise in the demand for water, the organization is trying to increase the amount of gallons so that each and every deserving person gets his/her share.