Well Digging

Al-Aziz Foundation is working on a very important project, which is, to provide pure drinking water to the small localities (towns) & to the Madrasas where thousands of students are attaining Quranic & other basic education.
These wells are fulfilling such a tremendous need of drinking water in several parts of Missa Keswal Tehsil Gujar Khan city & thousands of unprivilidged people have been benefitting from these wells. Al-Aziz Foundation has been providing free of cost, all drinking water supply facilities such as ground digging sanitary work.
Although this is indeed a rewarding service to fulfill the drinking water needs of poor people but Al-Aziz Foundation couldn’t render its mega project alone. Our valued donors cooperate with us with their precious Charities,Zakat & other Helping Funds Worldwide Specially form U.K , U.S.A , U.A.E , E.U & other countries of the world. We finally pray to Almighty ALLAH “May ALLAH accept their donation in His way & keep them safe & happy today and always!”